Computer / Electronics Crating & Packing

Packing Electronics Items

Since 1992, Tri-City Crating and Packing has had a reputation as San Diego County's electronic equipment crating and packing experts. From computers and servers to high-end IT equipment, we specialize in the secure handling and packing of all types of fragile electronic equipment.

At Tri-City Crating and Packing we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. We always offer excellent crating recommendations and will guide you through the entire custom fabrication and packing process. Our custom designed and fabricated products offer superior security and protection for your valuable electronic equipment, whether you have one computer or one hundred, for shipment within the country or overseas.

Computer Packing San Diego County

Our skilled specialists have years of experience packing high-tech electronic equipment in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We also have long-standing relationships with many shipping companies and can coordinate safe, efficient shipping at very competitive rates. Call today—Tri-City Crating and Packing is your one-stop crating and packing solution for electronic equipment.